English Speaking Classes. Only €20/person for 2 hours.

Speak better English. Improve your life.

How will these lessons help you?

Step-by-step lessons

In each lesson, I take you step by step. Together, we practise saying short conversations; first, slowly; then, faster.

Boost your confidence

With easy exercises and fun games, you'll gain the confidence to build longer, more complex sentences.

Relevant topics

Throughout the lessons, we focus on the topics that come up when you need to communicate in English.

Role playing

You get to play conversations with me, speaking out loud, line by line. This is how I became fluent in English myself.

Collocations & idioms

To help you sound more natural, I'll teach you the words and expressions that natives use in everyday life. 

Become a superlearner

I'll show you how to learn English much faster than you're doing at the moment, and how to stay motivated.

About Maria, your English teacher

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Live English Classes - 2-Hour Lessons

€20 per person
  • Group live lessons
  • Topics: greetings & talking about yourself, accommodation, food & drink, on the phone, shopping, travelling around, going out & sightseeing, technology, health, etc.
  • Conversations
  • Exercises & games
  • Work in pairs in breakout rooms
  • Question & answer sessions

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