Online English Pronunciation Classes for Japanese Speakers

Only €5/person for 25 minutes.

How will these classes help you?

Step by step

In each class, I take you step by step. Together, we practise saying words and expressions; first, slowly; then, faster.

Boost your skills

With easy exercises and fun games, you'll gain the ability to produce and understand all 45 English sounds.

Relevant words

To help you improve fast, throughout each class we focus on the words that come up in English conversation.

Pronunciation mistakes

I show you the pronunciation mistakes you're making, and how to avoid them. To practise, we do targeted exercises.

Pronunciation tips

I share with you my best pronunciation tips. With every class you discover easy ways to improve your accent.

Become a superlearner

I show you how to learn English much faster than you're doing at the moment, and how to stay motivated.

About me, Maria, your English teacher

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Online English Pronunciation Classes

€5 per person
  • Description:
  • Live online group classes
  • Duration: 25 minutes
  • I explain the pronunciation mistakes you're making
  • I show you how to avoid those mistakes
  • We do targeted exercises to work on those mistakes
  • I give you my best pronunciation tips
  • I show you how to improve your English fast
  • Question & answer session

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