This is what you get

  • Learn fast in a group class

    My 5000+ hours of teaching experience have inspired me to create these classes to help you improve your English fast.

  • Practise saying the sounds

    Each class focuses on one topic. Throughout the class, I give you everyday words to practise saying the English sounds.

  • Practise hearing the sounds

    To help you distinguish the English sounds, I give you listening drills throughout the class; and I show you what to listen for.

  • Pronunciation mistakes

    Knowing what NOT to do is essential if you want to have a great accent. In each class, I show you the mistakes to avoid.

  • Get my top learning tips

    In each class you get some of my best language learning tips. I show you how I got to speak English to the highest level.

  • 50 minutes of fun

    Learning about pronunciation doesn't have to be slow and boring. Each class will make a big difference to your accent.

  • Join an inexpensive class

    I've kept the price of these classes as low as possible so you can afford to attend. Let me help you get a great accent.

  • Pay just before the class starts

    I know you’re busy and not sure whether you’ll be able to attend. That’s why you only pay just before the class starts.

Maria’s next live English class

This is what you’ll learn


Introduction to the 12 vowels: find out the difference between the A in "plan" and the A in "last", the E in "person" and the E in "bed", the I in "sit" and the I in "machine", the O in "gone" and the O in "forty", the U in "pull" and the U in "June".

How to produce the 12 sounds: in this lesson I show you step by step the lip shape and tongue position for each of those sounds.

The main spellings: knowing which spellings go with each sound will help you improve your English pronunciation fast.

Mistakes to avoid: find out the mistakes you're likely to be making, and how to avoid them.

Listening drills: learn to distinguish the 12 English vowel sounds using plenty of words you already know.

Speaking drills: step by step, you get to practise saying the 12 vowel sounds correctly.

Maria’s best pronunciation tips : I'll give you the best tips to improve your English accent fast.


30-day full money-back guarantee


FAQs about these live English classes

Are the live classes 1-to-1 lessons or group lessons?
They’re group lessons for a limited number of students. I’ve designed them so you can practise speaking as if you were with a private teacher.

How long are the classes?
Each live class lasts 50 minutes.

Who is a "Course subscriber"?
Course subscribers are the students subscribed to my English Pronunciation Course. When you subscribe to my course, you get a 50% discount on every live class.

Do these classes come with a money-back guarantee?
Yes. You take no risk at all when you join a class. If for any reason you don’t like it, you get all your money back within 30 days of payment. Just drop me an email, and I’ll send you a full refund.

Do you teach American English or British English?
I teach British English.

Who are these live classes for?
These classes are ideal for intermediate and advanced students who want to speak English with more confidence.

Who are these classes NOT for?
These classes are not for total beginners. It’s better to attend these classes when you have at least a basic knowledge of English.

Can I join a class on any device?
Yes. You can use a computer, tablet, phone, tv ...

Are the live classes delivered through Skype?
No. I’ve chosen a better platform than Skype for my classes. All you need to do after you pay is click a button, and you’re in.

Does the live class payment include access to the recorded class?
No. The recorded class is sold separately. At the end of each live class you can buy the recorded class at a discount price.

Where can I get answers to my English questions?
I do two types of Live Classes: 1. Classes about a specific topic. 2. Question & Answer sessions.

In my Question & Answer sessions I answer your English language questions.